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Jon Gilmore

Kelly Johnston

Javier Palomares

Juliana Silbermins


DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: Since its founding in 1923, NOVA has been committed to contemporary design. From the 1940’s through the 1960’s NOVA created innovative designs that are now considered mid-century modern classics. With a focus on woodworking, sculptural forms, arc lamps and softer, ambient lighting, the company established a name for itself as an originator.

There are many lighting and home décor companies in the marketplace that select readily available product in Asia, and other less ethical companies that copy the work of others at lower prices. From its founding, NOVA has maintained a commitment to original work and has weathered the economic storms by staying committed to its guiding principle—listen to the needs of the market and create original design at affordable pricing to meet that need.

gilmore Jon Gilmore
Jon Gilmore was born in Long Beach, California.  He launched his design career in 1975 by creating a line of modern clocks and wall décor for Vanguard Studios and Windsor Art.

From 1978 until 1994, under the name of Accessory Art Products, Jon developed a unique range of clocks, wall décor and sculpture made out of acrylic, glass, leather, wood and metal. For sixteen years, he sold innovative home décor products to many of the Furniture 100 stores.

In 1996, Jon joined the design team at the Uttermost Company and designed many of their best selling contemporary collections.  In 2003, Jon formed Jon Gilmore Designs with the intention of developing a complete line of home décor products based on a new art form utilizing hand brushed aluminum forms.  In 2008, Jon Gilmore Designs merged with Nova Lighting, to help maximize Jon’s design strengths with the marketing power of Nova’s distribution channels.  Nova is currently selling over 150 of Jon’s best selling designs, in both lighting and wall décor, on a world wide basis.


johnston Kelly Johnston
Detroit-born artist/designer Kelly L. Johnston began abstract oil painting at age 11 and has not put down her creative tools since. Largely self-taught and ambitious to make a unique impact through her art, Kelly moved to Los Angeles in 2001 and focused her abilities on creating best-selling hand crafted metal wall and freestanding sculpture for the home furnishings industry. Working closely with the creative minds at NOVA, she developed the" NOVA Art Studio" line, serving as head designer since 2007.

Kelly's affinity for bold, graphic patterns and appreciation for using authentic, natural processes and materials is apparent in the marriage of organic and geometric sensibilities within her designs. She specializes in metal finishing techniques such as flame treating, special grinding patterns, patinas and color tinting; and has dedicated the past several years to bringing dimensional, gallery quality fine art into the lives and homes of those who share her love for bold, beautiful objects and unusual design applications.


palomares Javier Palomares
Javier was born in Bogota, Colombia. Following his passion for furniture and the idea of creating new objects, in 1998 he graduated from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana with a degree in Industrial Design. In 1999 he moved to Pasadena, California to obtain his BFA in Product Design at the Art Center College of Design, where he graduated with honors in 2003

In 2006 he founded his design studio Curve Ahead Design, from where creative directions are provided to companies such as, NOVA, Dellarobbia USA, Idealab, Disney/Bruckheimer, Orange 22 among others.

Javier’s contemporary lighting designs were introduce by NOVA in 2007 at the High Point Market and subsequently his furniture pieces were launched by Dellarobbia USA at High Point Market in 2008.

In 2009 he became part the Art Center College of Design faculty, teaching Product Design and Rapid Prototyping.

In March 2010 Javier was selected among other 9 talented designers to be part of the ICFF Studio / Bernhardt Design, showcasing his pieces at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

In 2011 he showcased his Dolphin Collection at L.A. Mart in Los Angeles, California and Launched his Jaguar Collection at Dwell in Design at L.A. Convention Center.

Currently he lives and works in Los Angeles, California.


simmmelaro Juliana Silbermins

Juliana is a passionate designer that has been collaborating with NOVA since 2005. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Juliana earned her first degree in the Industrial Design field in 1999. She started her architectural career in the Universidad de Buenos Aires but later transferred to the University of Southern California where she obtained her professional degree in Architecture in 2006, with honors. Two years later, she achieved her Master Degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Harvard University, Graduate School of Design.

Juliana has worked for several top international architectural firms, always emphasizing her interest in the different scales of design she has explored throughout her education. Her concerns for the user experience and impact on the environment have led her to become a LEED AP in 2004.

Juliana's creativity behind her NOVA designs combines her love for the art of sculpture, her knowledge of Design, and her experience in architecture, resulting in a modern, harmonic and aesthetically balanced collection.


nicholas Nicholas Yust

Nicholas Yust recently built his design and fabrication office in Cincinnati, Ohio. A designer and artist first, Nicholas attended University of Cincinnati’s School of Design Art, Architecture and Planning. A curious mind with a passion for engineering, Nicholas earned a Master’s Degree in metallurgical engineering and combines a passion for the arts with a practical engineering background.

Known internationally for his fine art works shown in galleries, Nicholas has recently branched out to offer more affordable designs for the middle market. Creating wall pieces, free-stand sculptures and innovative printing techniques on metal, Nicholas continues to innovate and develop as an artist and designer.


david David Dolcini

David is based in Milan district, Italy and maintains design offices in Piacenza (Italy) and Valencia (Spain). Trained as an industrial designer at the Faculty of Architecture of Milan Polytechnic, he has created innovative designs for companies such as Panasonic, Riva1920, Galassia, Toss.B, Arlex Italia, to name a few.

David is a world traveler and is actively involved in charitable outreach. He recently worked on a project providing water to developing communities in Mozambique and has worked on projects around the globe.


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